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Kristen Walden Staff Photo

Math Magicians 

Math Magicians is a weekly addition, subtraction or addition and subtraction fluency math assessment.  All students start on addition.  Students are to get 50/50 correct answers in 3 minutes.  Once mastered, they move on to subtraction.  Once subtraction is mastered, they move on to addition and subtraction mixed.

Jonathan mastered addition 8/18/17.  Congratulations! 

Amare mastered addition 8/21/17.  Congratulations!

Joe Nate & Raelin mastered addition 8/28/17.  Congratulations!

John & Elliana mastered addition 9/9/2017.  


Blakely & Kyler mastered addition 9/22/2017.  Congratulations!

Gracie mastered addition 9/29/17.  Congratulations!

Raelin & Blakely mastered subtraction 10/27/2017.  Congratulations!

Whitney mastered addition 11/03/2017.  Congratulations!

Earnest mastered addition 11/10/2017.  Congratulations!

John mastered subtraction 01/05/2018.  Congratulations!

John mastered mixed (addition & subtraction) 03/02/2018.  Congratulations!

Gracie mastered subtraction 03/22/2018.  Congratulations!

Kyler mastered subtraction 03/22/2018. Congratulations!

Amare mastered subtraction 03/22/2018.  Congratulations!

Larchuta mastered addition 03/22/2018.  Congratulations!