AR Rewards 2014-15



2014/15 (updated 4/20/15)

1.  Each semester we will offer a celebration for students meeting their grade level goals for that semester.  Grade level goals will be awarded at the point levels with 80% comprehension below for each semester:

                                                          1st Semester                          2nd Semester            

      Kindergarten                                       8 points                            12 points

        1st Grade                                             15 points                          20 points

        2nd Grade                                             20 points                          25 points

        3rd Grade                                             30 points                          30 points

        4th Grade                                             45 points                              45 points

        5th Grade                                             60 points                          60 points

The first semester celebration will be an AR party at West GA Gymnastics Center.  The deadline for earning points for this reward will be December 5, 2014.   The second semester celebration will be an  "ARnival" on May 15, 2015 - a carnival at GHE that will include many games and prizes.  The deadline for earning these points will be April 30, 2015 (subj. to change).

2.  Limo Ride/Lunch for our AR High Achievers - For our students who work extra hard and earn a significant number of points, Mrs. Chandler would like to celebrate with them by taking them for a limo ride to eat lunch on May 1, 2015. The deadline for earning these points will be April 28, 2015.  AR points/80% comprehension required for participation in this activity are as follows:

        Kindergarten -    30 points

        1st Grade -    80 points

        2nd Grade -   125 points

        3rd Grade -    150 points

        4th Grade -    175 points

        5th Grade -    200 points

3.  AR Point Clubs:  Brag tags are earned for students reaching the goals at the following point club levels:  5 pts, 10 pts, 15 pts, 25 pts, 50 pts, 75 pts, 100 pts, 150 pts, 200 pts, 250 pts, and up.  Students take pride in earning the brag tags that are added to their brag tag necklace. Once students receive 50 points for k-2nd grade and 100 points for 3rd-5th grades, students also receive an AR t-shirt.

4.  School-wide End-of-the Year Rewards:  The two K-2 and two 3-5 students who earn the most AR points for this school year will receive a free tablet!  The two highest point achievers at each grade level will also be awarded prizes. The deadline to earn points for these End-of-Year Rewards is May 1, 2015.  (Because of 5th grade Washington trip, May 1-6)