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Accelerated Reader Guidelines


GHES Media Center Accelerated Reader Guidelines


  • Students, grades 3-5,may check out up to 2 AR books at a time.
  • Students should check out AR books within the ZPD(Zone of Proximal Development) indicated on the Diagnostic report from a STAR Test or a reading range of the teacher's discretion for AR quiz testing. Younger students may have number range or color level on their library checkout card so that media staff can help with selection.
  • Easy AR books leveled 0.1 to 3.4 are shelved separately by reading level designated by color-coded dot.
  • Fiction AR books leveled 3.5 and above are intershelved in the general Fiction collection.
  • All nonfiction  AR books are intershelved in the Nonfiction collection.
  • All AR books are identified by a color-coded label on the spine according to the reading level.