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Amy  Hurtado
3rd Grade Language Arts & Science
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3rd Grade Teacher


Dear Parents,                                                                                                    


Welcome to second grade!!!  I am excited about another school year and more children to love and teach.  It is

always lots of fun to get to know each other and make new friends.


Let me introduce myself.  My name is Amy Hurtado. I have taught for 16 years, 7 of which have been at

Glanton-Hindsman Elementary.  As I hope you will see as the year goes on, I am a Christian first, a mom

and then a teacher.  I feel the first two roles help make me a better teacher.  I have a 12 year old son and we spend every weekend at the soccer fields or at wrestling tournaments.  I live in the Villa Rica area and love to see my students out and about town or at sports events like games and practices.  Below are some of the areas of detail that I hope will be helpful.  Please keep this letter in case you ever feel you need to review my expectations or guidelines for these things.  Let’s make this the best school year you and your child have ever had.


AFTERNOON SNACK:  Your child may buy an afternoon snack of ice cream. The cost for this snack is $1.00 per day.  You may send in money daily or weekly, but it needs to be correct change since we do not keep change on hand.  It will be $5.00 if you plan to send it in for a whole week.   Snack money and lunch money MUST be separate.  Please send the money in an envelope or zipper bag with your child’s name on it and the amount as well as what it is for (ie. Snack, lunch, ASP, etc)  There are some situations that might cause your child not to get snack on the day it is paid for, but if this happens, I will carry the money over to the next day. 


LUNCH:  We will be eating lunch from 11:15 to 11:45.  You may check the Student Handbook for breakfast and lunch prices.  All money MUST be placed in an envelope or bag with the child’s name, amount, lunch number, and my name.  If you would like to eat with your child, please let me know by sending a note before you come so I can include you in our lunch count. When you do come to eat with your child, you are welcome to sit at the table in the middle of the cafeteria and your child may choose ONE friend to sit with you. 

Snack money and lunch money MUST be separate. 

If your child brings their lunch to school, please include whatever utensils they may need and be sure they know whether or not they need to buy milk. 

If you choose to celebrate your child’s birthday at school, you may bring snacks for the class at our lunchtime.  The snacks must be store bought.  They must also be served by the person bringing them in.


HOMEWORK:  Each night your child is expected to read 20 minutes.  The adult that listens to the child read would need to sign the reading log that is in the homework folder.  Reading/spelling/writing homework is done three times a week.  The choice sheet for this is good for a month, so be sure to keep up with it.  Math homework is on the other side of the Reading/Spelling/Writing choice sheet.  It is also done three times per week.  It is to be turned in on Friday in the homework folder that is provided.  Please do not leave extra paper in the folder.  Please be sure that homework is neat and free of spills, tears, and/or other things that make it hard to read.  Other homework will be noted in the folder as needed.  Projects will be discussed in class and a letter with all the details will be sent home in the weekly work folders in plenty of time to complete the project.  Please know that these projects are done to enhance your child’s knowledge of whatever we happen to be studying at the time.  It is also a great chance for the family to see what we are doing and share in your child’s excitement about what they know. 


WEDNESDAY FOLDERS:  Every Wednesday your child will bring home a folder that contains important information and your child’s work from the previous week(s).  It is VITAL that you look at the work and go over anything your child did not do well on.  Quick reinforcement is a great way to help your child catch on to things he/she may be struggling with in the classroom.  The folder will also contain school news that is important as well as news and/or requests from me.  PLEASE LOOK AT THESE THINGS AND RETURN WHAT NEEDS TO BE RETURNED THE VERY NEXT DAY!  It is also important that you return the folder promptly and in good condition.  If something gets spilled on the folder, please clean it up. 



BEHAVIOR REPORT:   This year we will have daily agendas.  If there is a problem during the school day, it will be noted on the date for that day.  If there is nothing there, then your child had a good day.  I typically will not sign the agenda daily unless there was a problem.  I will always try to let you know of glowing behavior as well.  Please support our classroom rules by talking with your child daily about their behavior.

We will also be reintroducing a system we used several years ago.  It is the use of a “Five Step Plan”.  This plan will allow the classroom teachers more opportunities to help students modify behavior in the classroom before making office referrals.   One of the components of this plan is after school detention.  Please work with us to make GHE the best place to learn by helping us have the best behaved kids in VR.  With your continued support and communication, we will be the best!


GOING HOME:  It is the decision of the faculty and staff of GHES that if the way your child gets home in the afternoon changes from one day to the next, you MUST send a note.  If I do not receive a note, I will send your child home the way he/she went the day before.


EMAIL:  We are encouraged to send as much information to parents as possible via email.  Having said that, we would appreciate at least one working email address for each family if you have internet access.  Thanks so much for helping us save paper.  If you need to write a note, please put it in the clear pocket in the front of the agenda.


DRESS CODE:  Please be aware of the dress code.  It is best to send your child to school in athletic shoes or sandals that are fastened around the ankle.  Flip flops are not allowed for students or faculty.  Shirts with spaghetti straps and tank tops are not allowed either.  If a student wears these things to school, they will be sent to the office to call a parent/guardian to bring appropriate clothes.  Also, if the girls wear a dress or skirt, they need to put shorts on under them.  We do a lot of things sitting in the floor and that is hard when they wear a dress.  Also, please do not allow your child to wear jewelry they are not used to wearing.  It usually is a distraction from learning.  If it is something they wear a lot, that is fine.  


ATTENDANCE:  Your child should be at school and on time DAILY in order to progress adequately this year.  Breakfast will only be available until 7:35.  Your child must be in the room at 7:40.   I get started promptly at 7:40.  If your child is late, he/she misses instructions for the morning.  PERFECT attendance means your child has no tardies and/or early releases.  Even if an absence is excused, it still is counted as an absence.  When your child is absent for any reason, I need that written on a loose piece of paper (not in the agenda) so that I can turn the note in at the office.   


CONFERENCES:  We will have at least 2 conferences this year that I will call.  I will do my best to schedule conferences so it won’t interfere with your schedule.  If at any time, you feel you need to talk to me, please send a note in the agenda or call and leave a message.  IF you put a note in the agenda, please write it on paper and put in the mailbox pocket.  We use the space on the daily pages to write homework assignments.  I will not be able to talk to you during the school day if you have not let me know ahead of time that you plan to come in.  Our schedule is very tight and it is almost impossible for me to give you the attention you deserve if I am teaching.  My job is to teach your child as much as I can, therefore I am not comfortable stopping my instruction unexpectedly to talk with a parent who happens to "drop" in.


SUPPLIES:  The supply list on our website is for the things that will be kept at school for use by all the students in our class.  Your child will have access to supplies as needed, but it may not always be the exact supplies you sent in.  Each student will keep his/her own school box, scissors, and binder.  Your child will also need to keep some supplies at home because we will not send school boxes home during the school year.  A good list for home supplies is:  pencils; crayons; wide ruled paper; glue or glue sticks; scissors.  These items will be used to do homework.  Please note, the supplies you send to school will be kept at school for use during the school day.  I will not be sending home supplies to do homework.

Please DO NOT put names on any of the supplies other than the school box, scissors, and binder.  The other supplies will be put in a common place to be used as needed. 


New Expectations:  Our second graders will be expected to type independently this year.  They will be learning keyboarding skills in one of our labs, but it would be very helpful if you could work on this at home.   They need to learn the correct placement for their hands.  Letting them type some of their homework is a great way to practice.  In third grade, your child will have to write a complete paper in cursive.  We will begin working on some cursive practice this year.  Please help us by waiting until we have taught the letters before you encourage your child to write in cursive.



WISH LIST:  The list below is a list of items I would LIKE to have for the class this year.  All donations are greatly appreciated!!

            Zip-loc bags (any size); band-aids; anti-itch cream; antibacterial ointment; popsicle sticks; paper plates; Crayola 8 count crayons (to replace used ones); paper towels; colored computer paper; Zerox paper; Kleenex; Skittles, M & M’s, Smarties (for math and rewards)


Thanks for all you do for GHES (Glanton-Hindsman Elementary School)!

Mrs. Amy Hurtado, 2nd grade teacher


Email address:     School phone:      770-459-4491